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Dicing On The Cake

Gaming Café and Gaming Shop

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Our goal is to open a Shop Café with a focus on board games! A place to enjoy playing games with friends (or make new ones) with a food and drink menu that will help keep you refreshed whilst you play!


You can help us make this a reality! We have a wide range of games and accessories available to buy right now on-line and every purchase helps bring us closer to our goal. We stock all your favourite games as well as the newest releases. If we don’t have the game you really want we’ll also do our very best to track down a copy on your behalf.


We also want to host events such as tournaments, talks from game designers, game testing evenings and other promotions. Keep on eye on our News Page or follow us on Twitter & Facebook.

Welcome To Dicing On The Cake, The Virtual Board Game Café

Table top Games Sold By Table top Players

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"We love playing board games. We love playing them so much we decided to start selling them"


We're all about great games sold by board game fans for board game fans. We only sell games we've played ourselves so we know how great they are from personal experience. We don't believe in over charging for rarity either. This the the Dicing on the Cake Promise:




Email us if you want to know more about any of the games we sell or want advice on finding the right game for you.

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