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The Artful Dodger is a modded Series III Firefly. It's a nimble ship that starts with a faster drive core and has more space for crew. With the addition of the Artful Dodger you can play Firefly: The Game with more people.
Firefly: The Board Game - Artful Dodger Game Booster
Fire up your engines and full burn out to the edge of the 'Verse. Firefly: The Game - Blue Sun expands the game with a new 10" x 20" map extension that adds new systems to explore and exploit in an area of space known as the Rim. Rim Space is not a place for the faint-hearted, and a ship pushing past Border Space out towards the raggedy edge of space had best be ready to deal with what's out there.
Firefly: The Board Game - Blue Sun Expansion
Breakin' Atmo expands the 'Verse with 25 exciting new Jobs and 25 new Supply Cards. Shiny new gear and interesting new Jobs to add to your game!
Firefly: The Board Game - Breakin' Atmo Expansion
Missed out on the Promo cards for Firefly : The Game? Well lucky for you they're all available in this handy pack!
Firefly: The Board Game - Character Card Pack
A dedicated transport vessel, the Esmeralda affords passengers maximum comforts as they journey across 'the Verse. With fully appointed and expanded staterooms, the Esmeralda has plenty of room for both passengers and crew alike. Passengers and crew alike will break bread together in the Esmeralda's family-style Full Mess Deck. If need to get to your destination in style or if you need to get to your destination in secret, the Esmeralda is the right ship for the job.
Firefly: The Board Game - Esmeralda Game Booster
If you need cargo delivered quickly and quietly, the Jetwash is the ship for you. Like all Series IV Firefly vessels the Jetwash boasts an expansive cargo bay, with room to spare for any load. Taking inspiration from its namesake, the Jetwash also come pre-equipped with some dynamic upgrades.
Firefly: The Board Game - Jetwash Game Booster
A set of nine custom ship dice for the basic game and expansion ships.
Firefly: The Board Game - Ship Dice
Bolster your forces with this expansion pack for Flames War adding new miniatures to include in your army.
Flames of War: British - Comet Tanks
Bolster your forces with this expansion pack for Flames War adding new miniatures to include in your army.
Flames of War: British - Sherman V
This Paint Set When Combined With The Quartermasters Set Contains All The Colours Needed To Paint Your British Force For Flames Of War.
Flames of War: Colours of War - British Paint Set
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