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Fluxx gets the Science Fiction treatment. From the publisher: "Just when you thought that Fluxx had gone as far as it could go - it blasts off for the Stars! Explore the vastness of space-themed humour with your valiant Captain, Engineer, and, of course, your Expendable Crewman. Go check out that Small Moon – or is it really a Space Station? You may be swayed by Unseen Forces, held hostage by Evil Computers, or find your ship infested with Cute Fuzzy Aliens." Like its brethren, Star Fluxx is the game of ever changing rules. It starts out as Draw 1, Play 1, but even that can change. When a Goal card is played, you can win by meeting the Goal, usually by having the correct Keeper cards in front of you. Action and Surprise cards help you to meet the Goal, or stop your opponent. Creeper cards usually prevent you from winning, but are sometimes necessary to meet the Goal.
Star Fluxx
Star Trek: Attack Wing is a tactical space combat HeroClix miniatures game. It features collectible pre-painted ships from the Star Trek Universe. Utilizing the FlightPath manoeuvre system, command your fleet in space combat and customize your ship with a Captain, crew, weapons and tech upgrades. The miniatures game Starter Set uses the core rule set of the FlightPath game system with a Star Trek twist, but it is not compatible with other FlightPath games. There are also 8 other Fleet expansion for you to collect and add to your Star Trek Attack Wing Collection.
Star Trek: Attack Wing Miniatures Game Starter
The 4th Division Battleship was a Dominion Jem'Hadar battleship in service in the 24th century. The ship's superstructure was composed of Viterium. In late 2374, the 4th Division Battleship 2 was tracked by the USS Valiant in an attempt to gather technical data. After believing that they found a weakness in the battleship's design, the Red Squad cadets in charge of the Valiant decided to attempt to destroy the battleship. The USS Valiant was subsequently destroyed with the loss of all but three survivors.
Star Trek: Attack Wing - 4th Division Battleship (Wave 3)
The 5th Wing Patrol Ship was an agile Jem'Hadar attack ship that utilized advanced weapons and tactics during the Dominion War. The Jem'Hadar ships were known for powerful upgrades such as phased polaron beams that could fire past an opponent's shields, as well as advanced tactics that included devastating suicide attacks against larger ships.
Star Trek: Attack Wing - 5th Wing Patrol Ship (Wave 1)
Expand and upgrade your Star Trek Attack Wing Game!
Star Trek: Attack Wing - Alpha Hunter (Wave 11)
Expand and upgrade your Star Trek Attack Wing Game!
Star Trek: Attack Wing - Bioship Alpha (Wave 4)
Expand and upgrade your Star Trek Attack Wing Game!
Star Trek: Attack Wing - Bioship Beta (Wave 18)
The Borg comes to Star Trek: Attack Wing in a BIG way! The Oversized Borg Cube Expansion Pack is sure to menace all opposing ships on the tabletop as the Borg attempts to assimilate everything in its path!
Star Trek: Attack Wing - Borg Cube
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