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Dicing On The Cake

Gaming Café and Gaming Shop

Category: XIII - Card Type: Backup - Job: Commando - Power: 7000
1-020R Fang
Category: II - Card Type: Forward - Job: Rebel - Power: 8000
1-021H Firion
Category: DFF~II - Card Type: Forward - Job: Warrior- Power: 7000
1-022R Firion
Category: XIII - Card Type: Summon - Job: N/A - Power: N/A
1-023R Brynhildr
Category: III - Card Type: Backup - Job: Standard Unit - Power: N/A
1-024C Magus
Category: FFT - Card Type: Forward - Job: Standard Unit - Power: 5000
1-025C Squire
Category: FFT - Card Type: Forward - Job: Standard Unit - Power: 3000
1-026C Squire
Category: WOFF - Card Type: Forward - Job: Mirage Keeper - Power: 7000
1-027H Lann
Category: WOFF - Card Type: Backup - Job: Mirage Keeper - Power: N/A
1-028R Reynn
Category: VII - Card Type: Forward - Job: Warrior - Power: 5000
1-029C Red XIII
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