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Category: DFF~VIII - Card Type: Forward - Job: Marksman - Power: 7000
1-059R Laguna
Category: II - Card Type: Forward - Job: Dark Knight - Power: 9000
1-060H Leon
Category: FFT - Card Type: Backup - Job: Standard Unit - Power: N/A
1-061 Alexander
RRP £7.99
FFTCG - Artwork Sleeves
RRP £22.99
FFTCG - Play Mats
Currently out  of stock, but available to Pre-Order for when it comes back in
FFTCG - Opus I - Boosters
FFTCG - Opus II - Boosters
RRP £3.70 per booster, £133.20 per box
FFTCG - Opus III - Boosters
RRP £3.70 per booster, £133.20 per box
FFTCG - Opus IV - Boosters
Use the promo code: FREEship2018 at checkout (Mainland UK Only)
FFTCG - Opus V - Boosters
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