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FFVII Remake: Cloud vs Sephiroth - Two Player Starter Set


The Cloud vs Sephiroth Two Player Starter Set releases February 28th

To celebrate the release of the classic Final Fantasy VII reborn as the Final Fantasy VII Remake comes this brand new two player starter deck. Featuring fantasic new cards and two full art promos this starter deck contains everything two players need to get started with two 50 cards decks, playmats and rules insert.

In the first deck you'll find Cloud, alongside his full art version:

Cloud Deck (50 Cards Total)

[11-136S] Cloud x 3
[11-135S] Vincent x 3
[4-075H] Vincent x 3
[4-076R] Wedge x 2
[4-082C] Jessie x 3
[5-082C] Miner x 2
[8-085C] Marlene x 2
[6-075R] Titan x 3
[11-131S] Barret x 3
[11-132S] Red XIII x 3
[1-016C] Tifa x 3
[10-007H] Zack x 3
[10-009C] SOLDIER: 3rd Class x 3
[1-003C] Red Mage x 3
[1-010C] Black Mage x 2
[2-005C] Sage x 3
[3-020H] Phoenix x 3
[11-139S] Aerith x 3

And in the other deck you'll find Sephiroth along with his full art version. Of course, his deck is filled with plenty of characters who have caused trouble for Cloud and his friends:

Sephiroth Deck (50 Cards Total)

[11-138S] Sephiroth x 3
[11-137S] Azul x 3
[3-099R] Angeal Penance x 3
[1-121C] Red Mage x 2
[4-120R] Restrictor x 2
[8-110R] Reno x 2
[9-098C] Reeve x 2
[7-103C] Ramuh x 3
[11-134S] Don Corneo x 3
[11-133S] Cait Sith x 3
[3-040C] DGS Trooper 1st Class x 3
[3-041C] Deepground Soldier x 3
[3-042C] Deepground Soldier x 3
[10-034H] Sephiroth x 3
[4-030C] Black Mage x 3
[7-028C] Black Mage x 3
[8-032R] Shiva x 3
[11-140S] Kadaj x 3

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