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XBurst 2018 - The Final Fantasy TCG Fans Convention


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Keep up to date on this event:

Following up on the success of last year it’s time for XBurst 2!

Featuring tournaments, amazing prizes, side events and more this is the Convention for Final Fantasy TCG Fans.

Featuring three main tournaments:

The Grand Melee - The signature tournament for the event with top tier prizes and competitive play. Best of one Swiss with a top cut.

Highlander - A Titles Format tournament. Build your deck from only one Final Fantasy title. Which title will come our on top? There can be only one! Best of one Swiss (possibly with a top cut)

Elemental Chaos - Bring your card collection with you for this one! You’ll be given two random elements on the day, build your deck from only those elements (plus light and dark) and compete in a league to see who’s best.

Fun side events:

Challenges - Play/win games under certain conditions to earn prizes!

Beat the Boss - Take on a challenging deck that breaks the rules and win a foil promo card!

Pack Wars - A great use for those boosters you’ve just bought/won. Open a pack face down, shuffle in a few 1cp evokers and play a 10 minute game to 4 damage

Opus VI drafts/sealed - The best way to get new cards for your collection and have fun at the same time! Open packs, build a deck and play!

We’ll also have consoles, films, music and more...

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